Hudson Valley gem needs our help!

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Dee Kelly and Gianna Salsbury joined us this morning. Dee is Samuels daughter. Here's what she wrote on their page.

"My dear fellow Broadway and Industry Artists @hvcfa needs your help. Please donate anything you can. For a moment, think about losing your artistic home when you were a kid. It would've been devastating for all of us. Now, When things get tough for one of our own we always rally. So please...Let's RALLY. My dad was Sebastian and so many more beautiful characters but to his students he was just Sam! This school was my parents dream..My parents and Pam Murphy sacrificed so much so our community would have access to the arts. This past year has taken a major toll on our business. My dad’s passing has been such a difficult one and the thought of losing something he worked so hard for feels unbearable.  So here is my ask! We need 2500 people to donate a $100 or 250 people to donate $1000… any amount is also very welcome and needed!! 

Share your stories of HVC and/or stories of my dad with the world! I know we can raise this money! WE CAN DO THIS!!"

CLICK here for the GOFUNDME page.

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