Around the Valley: Jason Fisch, owner of Fisch Solutions & Laptop Shack.

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Around the Valley with Jason Fisch, owner of Fisch Solutions and Laptop shack. Jason stopped by to tell us about his business and gave away an IPAD!! Congratulations to Gale who won the IPAD.

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Laptop shack’s roots can be traced all the way from 1992 when the original store was founded in NYC in the lower east side. The store was moved to several locations in NYC until it was moved to Middletown, NY in 2002. The store was originally set up in a small shack at the heart of middletown, at that point the name was changed from “Little Laptop Shack” to ‘Laptop Shack’. In 2009 it was moved to its current location in the Wallkill Plaza, and upgraded to a 3000sq ft repair center and showroom.

The current Laptop Shack can be traced back to 1992 when Joe Mastropaolo founded it. Then in 2016 Joe joined forced with Fisch Solutions to re-brand Laptop Shack to its current, Fisch’s Home for Laptop Shack. This included renovating the showroom and expanding services to include on-site diagnosis and repair.

From its roots in the 1990s to now, Laptop Shack is dedicated to serving the customer and staying with the times to support the latest technology. Laptop Shack is proud of all its online ratings and being a BBB A+ rated shop. We are proud to say “Laptop Shack has got your back!”