#BroomChallenge was a bust.

"A new trend was "sweeping" the nation yesterday, and unfortunately, it's based on faulty science. 

The "Broom Challenge" came from a viral tweet that claimed NASA had said Monday was the only day a broom could stand on its own because of the Earth’s gravitational pull.

There hasn't been any evidence to support the claim that NASA had ever made such an announcement.

Paul Sutter, astrophysicist and author of "Your Place in the Universe," says the party trick can be done anytime during the year at any point of the day.

"I hate to be that astronomer, but the planets don't care about your broom," he told USA TODAY.

The trick has less to do with the Earth’s gravitational pull on a certain day and more to do with the object’s center of gravity. Brooms have a low center of gravity, which allows them to balance effortlessly on their bristles, he said."

We fell for it!

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