Woman Throws Urine At Neighbor When She Got Upset Over a Pooping Chicken

woman thowing a bucket of water at her partner

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When it comes to enacting revenge, I've heard of "an eye for an eye" . . . but this is more like "#1 for #2."

A 57-year-old woman named Christine Terman got upset on Sunday, when she noticed that a neighbor's chicken had pooped on her back patio.

So she went inside . . . got a bucket of pee from her bathroom . . . walked back out on the back patio . . . and threw the full bucket of pee AT the neighbor. The bucket hit him in the face, and the contents spilled. He was drenched. Then he yelled “that’s it lady… URINE trouble now!” Not really, I might have made that part up.

The police were called, and they arrested Christine, along with her boyfriend who was allegedly threatening the neighbor WHILE the police were there. Christine has since been released after posting $500 bond.

Police say the neighbor was "in pain" and "smelled of urine" . . . but he'll be fine.

Sadly, there's no answer for the OBVIOUS question: Why did Christine have that full bucket in her bathroom in the first place. But the arrest report DOES say that it happened at a mobile home park, so maybe they didn't have plumbing?

(The Smoking Gun(Here's Christine's mugshot.) Image © 2022 Getty Images

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