10 Netflix-Approved Food Docs To Binge While Quarantined

Netflix is an obvious go-to as we venture on yet another day amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, the streaming platform has all kinds of films, series and documentaries to binge while social distancing. Over on their Twitter account, the folks behind the platform shared a list of 10 food documentaries of all kinds that are worth your time amid all the chaos of the outside world. Scroll on below see what what they have to offer!

1.) A Tale of Two Kitchens (2019)

In this doc, viewers see two restaurants in different locations (Mexico City and San Francisco) do business with two very different teams. At Contramar, the waiters are seemingly uniform and loved by all. Meanwhile, Cámara hires staff from all backgrounds, including ex-felons and ex-addicts. This 29-minute doc shows how a restaurant can serve the community, as well as themselves.

2.) The Game Changers (2018)

This almost two-hour doc follows a UFC fighter, who learns that everything he has ever known about protein was a lie. With the help of a group of renowned athletes and scientists, his world is turned upside down as he travels the globe for the truth about meat, protein and strength.

3.) Forks Over Knives (2011)

In Forks Over Knives, the topic of animal-based diets and processed foods go under examination as storytellers claim that most diseases can be controlled (and even reversed) by sticking to a low-fat, whole-food, plant-based diet.

4.) Todo Sobre El Asado (2016)

Argentina's culture and cuisine goes under the microscope in this documentary when the practice of eating traditional barbecue comes into play. Described as part road-movie, documentary and fiction by one review, this film dives into the country's fixation with meat.

5.) Barbecue (2017)

Barbecue also delivers a meaty narrative based on the practice of roasting meat with fire. In this doc, viewers travel the globe to see how different cultures prepare barbecue and how the practice has become a path to salvation for some.

6.) Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2012)

Jiro Dreams of Sushi sees an 85-year-old sushi master Jiro Ono run his renowned Tokyo restaurant, Sukiyabashi Jiro, as well as his relationship with his son, Yoshikazy, who will eventually become the heir to his franchise.

7.) Food On The Go (2018)

If you enjoy Italian good, Food on the Go is a must as it explores the similarities and differences between Italian dishes framed for the American mouth vs. the traditional components of the native land.

8.) Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent

After making the rounds in the 1970s, Jeremiah Tower become one of America's very first celebrity chiefs. In almost two hours, the doc aims fire at his role is one of the pioneer's of the California Cuisine movement

9.) Theater of Life (2017)

Milan soup kitchen, the Refettorio Ambrosiano, is the star of the doc, alongside 41 of the best chefs in the world. It also features a portion devoted to the refugees and the homeless community that the restaurant served.

10.) Sour Grapes (2016)

In this suspenseful tale, we dive into the rare wine auction place to see a con-man infiltrate into the rich community and sell fraud wine at big time auction houses.

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