Fake Amazon Driver Tried To Steal Elderly Woman's Cancer Medication

A man posing as an Amazon delivery driver almost managed to steal an elderly woman's cancer medication from her San Diego apartment. The woman's neighbor, Stephen Rosso, noticed the man walking through the hall of their apartment building with a package addressed the woman who lived above him. 

"They are always wearing an Amazon vest, a badge, a device to scan packages with," Rosso told KSWB. "The guy had none of that."

Rosso knew that his neighbor, Rosa, was undergoing chemotherapy treatment and had her medication delivered to her home, so he started to question the delivery man. The suspect told him there was an issue with the package, and he was picking it up to return it.

"And I'm like, 'There's no problem with the package!' so I gave it to Rosa," Rosso said. 

Rosso thought that was the end of it, but the driver was not deterred and tried to take the package from Rosa, telling her there was a problem with.

"I came back down my stairs, and he reached inside her house and grabbed the package from her and took it, and said there was a problem with it. We said, 'Don't let him take that package from you – he doesn't work for Amazon!'"

That's when Rosso called the police. The suspect finally gave up, handed the package to Rosa, and fled before officers arrived

Authorities are investigating the incident but have not said if they have any suspects in the case.

Photo: Getty Images

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