S. Korean Mayor Dumps Trash For Folks To Pick Up During Beach Cleanup Event


I'm not sure this guy understood the point of a beach cleanup. It's not about picking up trash . . . it's about the result.

A guy named Lee Dong-jin is the mayor of Jindo, South Korea. And he was hosting a beach clean-up event for International Coastal Cleanup Day on Saturday.

But apparently he felt like there wasn't enough trash on the beach to warrant a big cleanup.

So on Friday, he had garbage trucks bring in a ton of trash and dump it on the beach so all the volunteers would have something to pick up the next day.

After the news about what he did came out, he apologized and said he did it, quote, "So the 600 participants could carry out cleanup activities [and] raise awareness about the seriousness of coastal waste." (???)

(Newsweek) © 2019 GettyImages


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