The Top Things Parents Love Doing Once Their Kids Are Back in School


Parents are REALLY enjoying the little bit of freedom that comes from having someone ELSE be responsible for their kids for a few hours every day.

According to a new survey, here are the top eight things parents love doing after their kids finally go back to school . . .

1. Watching the TV shows and movies that THEY want to watch.

2. Planning a weekend trip with just their significant other and no kids.

3. Organizing summer vacation pictures and making a photo book.  (This survey was by a photo book company, which is why this random thing that people don't actually care about managed to rank so high.)

4. Going to a spa.

5. Catching up with friends and family members.

6. Exercising.

7. Taking walks outside.

8. Having a nice, long meal without the kids. 

(SWNS Digital) Image © 2019 GettyImages


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