Throwback Thursday - Beacon Mayor Clara Lou Gould Cuts the Ribbon!

August 29th, on Clara Lou Gould's 92 birthday, the City of Beacon honored her for a lifetime of service with a very special presentation and a beautiful plaque. The entire story from Mid-Hudson and a couple of wonderful pictures can be found here.

And, by the way, in the picture above, taken in the mid-90s, Mayor Gould is cutting the ribbon as we kicked off over a month of live Morning Show broadcasts from Main Street in Beacon. Over there on your right is Mr. Bob Outer, another fine and selfless public servant, and on the left is our wonderful Station Manager at the time, Ms. Maggie Carbaugh. Her arm blocks the face of our Producer, seen in the storefront behind us, Mark Zerafa. We were a merry bunch back then. I'm pretty sure most of us, though no longer working together, are still pretty merry.

Here you can see the storefront better and lots of people coming to watch one of the broadcasts. Every morning we had live entertainment-- singer/songwriters, musicians; chefs made breakfast, a marching band one morning; even legendary dancer, Peg Leg Bates, made an appearance. It was a fun month of local radio, the kind of radio I love the most.

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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