Four Reasons Why You . . . or Your Kids . . . Don't Like Vegetables

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If you or your kids really don’t like eating vegetables, here are four reasons why and what you can do about it . . .

1. Disliking vegetables can be genetic. About a quarter of people might have something called "supertaster" genes, which means they have more taste buds and experience stronger tastes, especially for bitter foods. And they tend to be picky eaters and don't like many vegetables, like broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

2. You could have a subconscious aversion to them. Psychological factors can influence what foods you like and dislike. So if you were forced to eat broccoli as a kid, you may have a negative association with it and not eat it as an adult.

3. Your kids are more likely to eat vegetables if you do. If YOU don’t like vegetables, your kids are more likely to not like them too. But research shows that making veggies for a meal every day makes us more likely to eat them.

4. You can train yourself to eat more vegetables. Research shows people ate more vegetables when they were labeled with descriptions that didn't mention health. So when green beans were described as "sweet sizzlin' green beans," 25% more people ate them. In other words, you CAN fake out your brain!

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