Folks Think Chalk Markings Are Burglars, It Was a Kid Was Drawing Rear Ends

Have you ever gone into panic mode, then felt like a total dope for being way too paranoid?

There’s a woman in the town of Ramsbottom, England (which is an ironic name… you’ll see, stick with me!) and she recently found some weird symbols drawn on her sidewalk in chalk. So she posted on a community Facebook forum about it, and asked what they were.

There were a bunch of them, and they all looked the same. Each one was a circle, with a single line drawn out from the center. Kind of like a clock with only one hand instead of two.

Other people on the forum immediately said it was burglars CASING the place. And the drawings were there to remind them which houses to rob. So she freaked out and called the cops.

But then one of her neighbors saw the post, and explained what they REALLY were.

It turned out their little kid had recently become obsessed with drawing REAR ENDS, and drew a bunch of them on his way home from school that week. 

(Mirror / Bored Panda)


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