My 5th Grade Teacher Published a Book!

In elementary school, you wanted to find your nitche, develop those relationships and learn-learn-learn!  I was fortunate enough to get into a program in 5th grade at Mamaroneck Avenue School called "Actionville".  

Thanks to social media, the main man, our amazing teacher / leader, Donald Tedesco chronicles his path in his book, Actionville: "Where Learning Is Made A Joy", to achieve his goal of making education fun and engaging, which he did!  

As a student, we worked on varying levels according to our abilities, with an amazing staff, who taught us in this creative environment!  

THIS is where I learned about the electoral college, Missouri was my state, we traveled, explored and even "went to the Opera".  Yes, that's me in the upper left looking "opera-ish" at 10 years old!  

I'll NEVER forget Actionville and now I can reflect back with this literary creation!  

Photos courtesy:  Michelle Taylor's iPhone


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