She Wanted a Mariah Carey Cake, Accidentally Got a Marie Curie One Instead

Picture dated 1908 shows Marie Curie posing with h

Sure, you can win a few Nobel Prizes and that's a big accomplishment I guess . . . but does that REALLY compare to making killer remixes of your biggest hits? 

A woman in England named Siobhan recently asked her coworkers for a birthday cake with Mariah Carey on it.

But apparently the bakery misheard the request . . . and made a cake with a picture of Marie Curie on it instead.

Now a picture of the cake is going viral . . . and it's gotten so big Mariah Carey even tweeted about it and wished Siobhan a happy birthday. 

(Mashable) (Here's a link to the cake, and to Siobhan's reaction to it.) Image © 2019 Getty Images

Mariah Carey✔@MariahCarey
This could've been me if only I hadn't failed remedial math 🤦‍♀️ happy birthday Siobhan!! 😘
Harriet Alida Lye@harrietalida
My cousin in England told her colleagues she wanted a Mariah Carey birthday cake. They misunderstood, and is the cake they made her instead. It’s Marie Curie, looking very festive.
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7:12 PM - Jun 15, 2019
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