What I'm Watching Wednesday: Bon Appetit


I realize this might be an incredibly niche interest of mine (*sarcasm*) but I have long been a fan of cooking shows, not so much cooking competition shows a la Food Network, but I was always down for some Good Eats or Unwrapped from the time I was very young. I think Food Network and Cooking Channel have a competitor in the web space that they may not being taking seriously enough and that's the Bon Appetit youtube channel. What an absolute gem.

Around this time maybe two years ago I came across their channel for the sole reason of just enjoying food related content but BOY do they give you so much more than that. There's the traditional talking to the camera teaching how to make something that is always enjoyable but there's so many more shows to watch. Claire Saffitz's 'Gourmet Makes' where she attempts to recreate and even elevate everyone's favorite snacks and junk food, Brad Leone's 'It's Alive' which is plenty informative but also just incredibly entertaining because of his personal brand of Staten Island humor, and Carla Lalli Music's 'Back to Back Chef' where celebrities are brought in to try and make the same exact dish a professional is making but with only vocal cues.


Honestly at the end of the day, you didn't come hear to read a wall of text about videos I love. Why read when you can watch them yourself? Bon appetit.



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