National Kick Butts Day: Top 4 Reasons People Quit Smoking, Health Isn't #1

It's National Kick Butts Day: Top 4 Reasons People Quit Smoking . . . and Their Health Isn't #1

Today is National Kick Butts Day, as in cigarette butts. And if you're looking to quit smoking . . . or know someone who is . . . a new survey looked at the top reasons people give it up. Believe it or not, health is NOT #1.

The survey talked to about 850 smokers, and 1,200 ex-smokers. Here are the top five reasons people quit . . .

1. Money. A pack a day can cost anywhere from $150 to $300 a month. 43% said it was one of the main reasons they quit.

2. Health reasons, 30%.

3. Pressure from family or friends, 23%.

4. Becoming a parent or grandparent, 20%.

5. Losing a friend or family member to smoking, 16%.

The survey also found two-thirds of smokers have tried to quit . . . four times, on average. And the top three reasons they went back to smoking were stress, being around other smokers, and a lack of support.  

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