2019's 1st Silly Jeans: Asymmetric Jeans = Different Styles on Each Leg (?)

2019's First Silly Jeans Alert! Asymmetric Jeans Have Different Styles on Each Leg

I was getting antsy that the SILLY JEANS TREND would not make it into 2019. Like, in the past few years, we had everything from upside-down jeans to breakaway jeans that convert to jorts. But two weeks into the New Year, we had nothing.

So thankfully, that drought is over. A designer named Ksenia Schnaider just released ASYMMETRICAL JEANS.

What are those? One leg is flared like a bell bottom . . . and one leg is tight and tapered like a skinny jean.

There's no word on when these are going to go into production.


(Here's a picture. Image (c) 2019 Ksenia Schnaider)


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