Odd News 12/10/18: Woman Demands Cops Run DNA Tests to See Who Ate Her Food

A Woman Demands the Cops Run DNA Tests to Figure Out Which Roommate Ate Her Yogurt . . . and They Do It?

Apparently there's no actual crime in Taiwan, because the cops have the time and resources for THIS.

There's a woman who's a student at Chinese Culture University in Taipei, Taiwan. And she recently called the cops to report a crime: One of her five roommates ate some of her YOGURT.

Even though it cost less than $2, she was furious, and she demanded a DNA test.

And . . . the cops ACTUALLY DID IT.

It cost more than $500 to test all of the roommates and the empty yogurt container, but the process worked . . . the cops figured out which roommate stole the yogurt, and now she's been charged with theft.

(Thrillist) Image (c) 2018 Getty Images


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