Adoption Dog Helps Pop The Question


Since today is Thursday, Joe & Michelle's Pet Project Day, this video seemed it might be the perfect extra incentive for some of you who are considering adopting a furry addition to your family.

His name is Trevor, hers is Kerri, and our hero of the occasion is the basset hound puppy, Scooter.  By the way, I never saw a basset hound puppy and it was hard to imagine what one would look like, since built into their appearance is a sort of "old and wise" demeanor--how would a puppy do that face?  Well, as unforgettable as they are as grown dogs, the miniature-puppy version is absolutely irresistible.  But then, that's what I think about almost every dog from the Dutchess County SPCA who visits us in the studio.  

photo YouTube video


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