This Afternoon's Odd News 4/9/18

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How many times do you wear your underwear before you wash them? According to a new survey, 31% of men and 10% of women wear 'em two times or MORE. (Metro / Daily Mail)

Just over half of women say they're CLOSER to their best friend than their husband, according to a new survey. And the top reasons are: We can talk about everything . . . she listens better . . . and I can tell her things I couldn't tell my partner. (Metro)

Researchers at MIT have invented a new device that can read your THOUGHTS and send them to a computer. It's just a prototype right now, and there's no word on when they could take this thing mainstream (Engadget)

Sandwiches that are just French fries on bread have been popular in England for a long time “chip sandwiches” . . . but it looks like they could finally become a "thing" here, too. A tweet about them recently went viral, which is finally getting Americans talking about them. (Indy100

A 26-year-old woman in Florida got caught with a bag of narcotics after she was pulled over last month. And the excuse she came up with was it was a windy day . . . and it must have blown in through her car window and landed in her purse. (

A roofer in Louisiana didn't get paid by a woman back in 2016 . . . so after a few months, he REPOSSESSED the ENTIRE ROOF. After a long investigation, he was arrested for criminal damage and trespassing. (The News Star

A 14-year-old girl in Northern Ireland woke her dad up in the middle of the night last Tuesday to fix the WiFi, because she just HAD to have Internet. And it ended up saving her entire family from a FIRE that had started in their garage. (Belfast Telegraph)

A Lyft driver in L.A. was taking a pilot on a quick trip to the airport last Thursday. Then he realized he'd have to battle traffic and only make $6 . . . so he kicked the pilot out in a random parking lot and drove off. (Full Story)

A woman in Jacksonville, Florida says her male dentist recently offered her wine and gave her a foot massage. Then he didn't change his gloves before working on her teeth, and her gums got infected. (Full Story)


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