A Visit From Litters of Love, Inc.

Litters of Love, Inc is a small, nonprofit, all volunteer, foster based organization.  Their goal is to rescue unwanted mama dogs and their puppies from kill shelters in the south, and place them in loving homes. Litters of Love, Inc. hopes to save as many mamas and litters as possible.

When we heard about this organization, we wanted to bring it to your attention.  Annemarie Culhane and Susan Berube stopped by the studio on Monday to tell us all about it.  So much love, personal sacrifice and hard work goes into this rescue mission.  Michelle and I have only admiration for these wonderful volunteers.  To find out more, visit here

The sweet young dog in the photo is Zula.  You'll want to see the charming picture of Zula here.  

Thank you, Annemarie, Susan and Zula.  You are welcome back anytime.  We wish you lots of success!


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