Throwback Thursday - I Am Reminded of an Old Friend

I was thinking yesterday about Russ Monroe, because it was his birthday, so I dug out this old picture from 1983 taken at an appearance at Lawrence Farms in Fishkill.  The smiling face in the middle belongs to Russ.  This photo also features another old friend of mine from radioland--Rich Ball.  Some of my happiest memories from radio were made with these two--true professionals and wonderful friends.  Things were a bit more relaxed back then, so we got to fool around on the air quite a bit, Russ often employing the voice of one of his many hilarious characters.  It was so much fun--fun we shared with the radio audience.   So, Happy Birthday Russ Monroe!  I know, although you are no longer on the radio, you're still making people smile!

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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