Throwback Thursday - Do We Look Tough?

Back in 1980-something, the radio station where I worked (the name of which is cleverly hidden in this picture) DID have an actual working jukebox in the lobby.  Gathered around the  Seeburg 200 Select-O-Matic is Greg Gattine on the left, and Rich Ball on the right, both fine local radio broadcasters to this day.  

We thought the jukebox would be great to bring out on the road with us when we did remote broadcasts, but none of us, separately or together, were tough enough to lift it.  I think we did manage to haul it out to one appearance, but after the hernia operations, we decided that wasn't such a hot idea.  It was filled with 45 rpm records and cost a dime/3 plays for a quarter, not that we asked anyone to pay, altho I think the boss made us pay.  See the three lights on the bottom grill?--they were designed to look like the tail lights of a '57 Chevy.  You would be able to see the resemblance better if this was a color photo.   (I tell you all this because, as you know, Q92 is listed in most current radio guides as "educational." ) 

I'm pretty sure this jukebox found it's next home with Sparky, our engineer.  Quite the conversation piece, I'm sure.  And it's always good to see a picture of Greg and Rich--we certainly shared a lot of laughs!  

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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