Adorable Disabled Puppies to Take the Field for Puppy Bowl XIII!


As everyone knows, there are three major sporting events this weekend:  Super Crawl, Puppy Bowl and a third one that escapes me at the moment, but I've heard it's VERY big.  This year's Puppy Bowl will highlight the athletic prowess and general adorableness of three pups with disabilities: Doobert, who is deaf; Winston, who is sight and hearing impaired; and Lucky who is missing a leg.  Nevertheless they join in the fun, playing football with several other dogs, hoping someone "scouting" for a wonderful companion will step up and offer them a good home.  Our little Bailey Daily (below) was missing a leg, although he used to say, "What leg?  What are you talking about?" and would sashay off with his little nose in the air.  We wouldn't have wished him to be different in any way.  

Catch all the excitement on Animal Planet Sunday afternoon.  Here's a link to the Facebook page: 

photos YouTube video and Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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