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1199SEIUUnited Healthcare Workers East, Response ToExecutive Order ToDelayNursing Home Staffing, Direct Care Spending Rules

“The terrible toll of the COVID pandemic shone a spotlight on the chronic poor quality of too many of New York’s nursing homes. 1199SEIU caregivers took their anger and grief over what they and their residents experienced and sought to pass laws that would improve staffing and resident care. The Legislature acted in response and passed a law to ensure that nursing home owners and operators spend the majority of revenue on direct care and staffing, so that residents can receive the hours of care they need. That law was supposed to take effect on January 1, 2022, but implementation has been delayed by 30 days by Executive Order.Without enforced staffing standards, nursing homes will not be able to retain the staff the residents depend on.Dedicated caregivers are being driven from the bedside by the impossibility of providing the care that residents need without appropriate resources.We urge GovernorHochulto bring all stakeholders together to focus on achieving these appropriate standards in our nursing homes and finally providing residents with the care they deserve.”