Now, I think I've "read it all!".  According to, a NY location of Whole Foods just got it's liquor license and the plan is to offer some cocktails and fun drinks to consume while grocery shopping!


Don't know where I've been, but apparently the supermarket already has an in-store tap room where you can indulge in wine and beer!  WHAT?!?!??????????

 As "adult" as it may seem....when I go to the store, I want to be in and out!!!  Not cockatilin'!  But hey, if this is your choice du jour....then make sure you bring along a DD to get you home safely....and to help you put the groceries away so you don't put the ice cream in the cabinet or the can of peas in the fridge. 

 (You never know....this location may be in close proximity of where YOU are!!!)



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