I cannot tell you how many times I opened up the cabinet and faced with the challenge of....."should I use this dried parsley....smells okay, looks okay, but is it okay to use it"?  There are spices in my cabinet that have been there prior to meeting the husband, circa 2005! 


If I only thought to "google" my situation, I wouldn't keep finding these spices taking up space in my cabinet.  (Because parsley isn't my only dilemma!)

Thanks to spicesinc.com (and who would know best but these guys....):


•  Whole spices and herbs leaves and flowers will keep 1 - 2 years
•  Seeds will keep 2 – 3 years and roots will keep 3 years
•  Ground spices and herb leaves keep 1 year
•  Ground roots will keep for 2 years

Looks like I have some cleaning up to do this weekend, but on the bright side, my cabinet will have more room!!!!




Photo courtesy:  gettyimages.com