Instead of posting "how to dig your car out of a snowstorm", or reporting on how many inches of we had at our house (20!....husband's not that happy, not sure how my Valentine's Day will pan out....), what appeared in front of me while I was "prepping" to join you on the air this morning was, "The Story Behind The Shirley Temple"!  (you see...usless) 

With the passing of Shirley Temple Black, many have wondered the history of the mocktail named after her.  Reports say it was invented by the Brown Derby in Hollywood in the 1930's mixing ginger ale, grenadine syrup with a cherry and it is actually named after her! 

Shirley was protective over the drink named after her that she went to court with an un-named soda company to make sure they wouldn't put her name on the bottled version of the non-alcoholic beverage!

So, when the day is done and the snow's been plowed and shoveled....treat yourself to your favorite refreshing drink and your children (if they helped with the snow clean up) to a Shirley Temple and cheers to a job well done (until tomorrow when it's forecasted for another two - four inches of snow to fall!

photo: Getty Images