I'm staying far away from Grammy chit chat this morning.....let's chat about what we do in the morning where we can save!

I'd like to think that I / "we" are the experts in our family when it comes to coupon clipping!  When my husband saw my coupon case, he was like, "what's this thing"?  Really?....it's my new phone case!

Thanks to the father-in-law for buying the newspaper and saving the coupons for me, I enjoy clipping to see where I can save. 

I tend to not cut a coupon for a product we don't use and I NEVER, EVER, EVER clip a coupon for an item that you have to buy multiple to save!!!  I don't stockpile product, only when it's buy two for one....you'll see me doing this, but one's enough and I'll take the simple savings......you too?

Photo courtesy:  gettyimages.com