An Amazing Love Story, Just In Time for Father’s Day!

I received this wonderful e-mail message from Keith in New Jersey… just in time for Father’s Day.  He’s got a love story about his beloved wife, Verlee.  But… they weren’t always married.  In fact, for many years they were kept apart from eachother.


When they were 18, and still in High School… they fell in love and had a baby.  Her family wasn’t happy with the situation – and made sure these two went separate ways – and Keith had to adhere to those rules which Verleee’s parents set forth. 


For years Keith wondered where Verlee was… and where his daughter was.  Then… he got a phone call… and the rest, as they say is history… but they way in which this family was brought BACK together will amaze you and dazzle your heart in so many ways!


Tonight, Friday June 13th, at around 8pm Eastern I will call Keith up and share his message with you, via phone lines as we start the Lite At Nite… sharing this AMAZINGstory, just in time for Father’s Day this weekend. 


Please join me @ 8pm Tonight for Keith’s sweet call!

With Love … Delilah <3