As you know I LOVE my gardens!!  We have a lot of fun each Spring and Summer as we get in to competitive Garden Wars here on the Delilah Show… and even our listeners get involved! Wicked fun, and also so very creative.


Producer David has been doing really well with his garden out at his family’s home in Queens, NY this Summer… he’s gotten some very nice praises I must say, from veterans of the “Garden Wars” which I know he is humbled and thankful to receive. 

Check out his photo’s below… and look at the Veggies he’s growing at home!!  HOW MANY TIMES do you hear me telling you PLEASE start a vegetable garden at home?  Mmmhhmm!  The time is now… pot some tomato plants and begin, I promise you it will grow in more ways than one from there!


With Love … Delilah <3