Notice Little Bursts of Happy

We often look forward to big events, big trips, a visit to a theme park or vacation, and exciting holidays such as the Fourth of July coming up in all its booming glory. These things are all well and good and exciting and you should look forward to them. But in all that excitement don't lose the little moments of joy and peace that happen in your life today while waiting for the next big thing to show up.
Every day there are little moments worth noticing and appreciating. A hazy sunbeam across your face in the comfort of your warm bed. Your pet jumping up on your lap. An extra perfect cup of coffee. A silly comment your child makes. Simple joys, when you take the time to notice them and collect them, can change your whole outlook on life. We need things to look forward to but we also need to be grateful for what happens today, tomorrow and the next day - even when nothing really big is going on. Finding that balance is important.

Imagine the person who takes joy in each day and notices the blessings as they occur, small things, short conversations and little bursts of happy that come by them. Maybe something as simple as a fun email or a new blouse or an extra yummy dessert. Now imagine the person who rushes thru each day, working hard to get to the next big vacation or event and always looking ahead to something better while taking for granted the good that happened today. Who has the more fulfilling life? Something to think about...

~ Delilah