Tonight’s “first” #DelilahDilemma comes to us from a young man I am going to call “Irving”, here in the city. 


He has admitted he has some pretty big trust issues, due to some not-so-great experiences he’s had in the past. 


Well, fast forward to today… he has now found out that his current girlfriend has been having inappropriate conversations and sharing personal (very personal) images with someone from her past… even after she told him she was not going to be in contact with him.


Is there more to this however… are there some un-resolved issues “Irving” needs to work out first before he even enters a relationship, or tries to fix one where he doesn’t trust his partner. 


I will read “Irving’s” message tonight just after 9:50pm Eastern on Lite FM… and then share my #DelilahDilemma words of advice.  Stay tuned for that message, and add in your thoughts as well, via my Facebook Page!


With Love,
Delilah <3