Tonight’s first #DelilahDilemma is sponsored by Walgreens, at the corner of Happy & Healthy… and came to us from a listener we are calling “Cynthia” here in the city. 


She’s waited 11 years to try at a relationship again after a very un-healthy marriage that ended in even MORE turmoil (hence why she waited this long to heal her heart.)


Cynthia is worried however that her outspokenness AND the time gone by since the last time she dated/had relations is going to be a problem as she heads down this road again.  Cynthia also thinks that perhaps she’s being a little too choosy… and wonders if her requirement of “only dating a good looking man” is holding her back. 


Oh dear… Cynthia I will share your message tonight after 9:50pm Eastern on the Lite At Nite… along with my words of advice and love, right after that.


Join me and share your thoughts/experiences with us via our Facebook Page tonight as well!


With Love,
Delilah <3