Oh dear – this evening’s first #DelilahDilemma, sponsored by Varilux, came to us from someone we are calling “Heart Broken Cindy.” 


Seems that Cindy is not seeing the signs that the man she’s terribly in love with, someone we will call Daren, is not so much in love with her… like… at all…. no way no how. 


Yet, this is a tender matter of the heart, and tonight after 9:50pm Eastern I will share Cindy’s #DelilahDilemma and not long after that, I will shine a very bright flashlight in to the real issues at hand, in Cindy’s heart, that have her clinging on to such an emotionally un-available person. 


Join me tonight for that and message us via our Facebook Page with your thoughts as well.


With Love
Delilah <3