Here are five random Thanksgiving stats for you . . .



1.  Women prefer white meat, and men prefer dark.  But it's pretty close for both.  57% of women said they go for white meat, while 51% of men said they prefer dark.



2.  40% of Thanksgiving dinners will have a kids' table.  But at a third of those, at least one ADULT will end up sitting with the kids.



3.  12% of us are doing a "Friends-giving," where you eat with friends instead of family.



4.  8% of us are planning to have Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant.



5.  And the two topics we'll be avoiding at dinner are money and politics.  28% said talking about finances should be off-limits, and 30% said politics should be.  But about 25% of us expect to talk about the election anyway. 



(PR Newswire / Harris / Meyocks, Image (c) 2016 Getty Images)