(NEWSER– "Guess I got what I deserve." That's the lyric that played when (SPOILER ALERT) Walter White fell over dead in Breaking Bad's finale last night, and while it's a point of contention whether Heisenberg actually did get what he deserved, most critics agree that the audience did. Here's what people are saying—and again, spoiler warning in effect:

  • The Felina episode "closed out a great series in style, with visual flair, action, and a thorough lack of phony redemption," writes James Poiewozik at Time. It wasn't the best or most ambitious episode, but "that's OK. Because what 'Felina' was—as effective, satisfying series finales are—was true." True to the show's heart, and true to Walter White's journey. While it gives Walt a victory it "is also conscious of what Walt cannot engineer. He cannot get his family to love him again."

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Photo: Ursula Coyote/©AMC/courtesy Everett Collection