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(Yahoo!) - See, Justin Bieber's not always speeding through his neighborhood and shutting down nightclubs.

Our cold, cold hearts warmed up just a little bit after viewing this super-cute Instagram video that the 19-year-old singer posted on Sunday of himself teaching his younger half-brother Jaxon, 3, how to swim.

"Me and jaxon swimming today," Bieber wrote.

Which means, either Jaxon was in Las Vegas with his big brother for the Mayweather-Alvarez fight, or Justin was a very good boy on Saturday night and flew out of Sin City at a reasonable hour on Sunday.

The post was followed with more short videos of "Jaxon drinking through chicken," "Jaxon hunting for treasure," "Jaxon discovering water," and "Jaxon playing with a stick."

However, Jaxon's sister Jazmyn was nowhere to be seen. Why no love for Jazmyn?!

This is the Justin we remember and love. More of this Biebs please! And soon!

The heartthrob's "Believe" tour picks back up on October 12 in Macau, before heading out on its South American leg, followed by Mexico and then Australia.